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Name:Alysse Randern (OC)
Birthdate:Mar 12
A note on mermaid aging (for purposes of Alysse's canon): A full mermaid takes three hundred years to mature mentally... and only ten to mature physically. (Which is why there are so many tales of seemingly full grown mermaids sinking ships in petulant fits.)

Alysse, as a halfling, rests somewhere between human and mermaid in her aging, though she grows closer to mermaid as she matures - she will maintain her age nearly indefinitely.

Name: Alyssie
Age in human terms: 18
Sexuality: greatly prefers girls.
Species: Half mermaid, half human.
Forms: Alysse can take either a mermaid or human form. (As a mermaid, her eyes are green.)
Powers:Hydrokinesis, minor sorcery, Breather spells, and the Siren's song.
History:: Alysse doesn't like to talk about her past too much; her mother was by human terms, abusive; by mermaid terms, she was ten, with no idea what she was doing except that it was her child, and no one else was killing it (mongrel or no.)

Her father was a sailor who no one remembered needed to breathe. He drowned when she was a child.

Alysse, for her part, left the whole massive mess as soon as she could. She grew up on land, mostly; learned a few tricks - sorcery and water, mostly; sang a few magic songs, and manipulated her way into people's homes; food, cash, and even some high school learning, she stole what she needed - and sometimes who. No one resisted; and there was no one to care as she spiraled out of control.

Eventually, though, the roller coaster of mermaid hormones calmed down. Now, she's just a college girl; paying her way with money she probably shouldn't have. She's gained some control over her past, and she's trying to ignore her ugly past. Too bad it's determined to bite her in the rear end.

MMW post:

Mun and muse are eighteen

Mun is also male if anyone cares.
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